The Glare range which is unique as it contains no silicone, waxes fillers or performance enhances.

It is the only known products that cures, turns to glass and provides all the benefits most polishers do not.

Protects against bird droppings, acid rain, UV rays, road grime and sea spray.

The products bonds within and above the paint surface, forming a protective absorbent barrier that will not allow elements to contaminate paint pores.

Add to this the fact that it has a heat range of minus 330 deg F to 700 deg F, proving is flexibility to allow paint surfaces to breath and flex, without cracking, peeling or fading.

The recommended application of two coats enhances paint colour, adding additional coats periodically to thicken surface will be like adding additional coats of paint clear, thus making colours richer and deeper. Consult supplier for more details.

The products re not only used by Boeing, but CONFORMS to their standards, together with the fact it has been tried and tested by numerous automotive, aviation, marine and motorcycle industries.

The use is endless as it will go onto and protect any solid surface like glass, windscreens and windows, painted wheel rims, chrome, aluminium, perspex, plexiglass, showerscreens and fiberglass.

Put the product onto a scratched cd or dvd and watch it fill in the scratches and crevices.