A few questions we are constantly asked.

Q. Is the process used by Infinity Auto or any of its authorised applicators different from what others including car yards do?

A. Yes, absolutely, and without a doubt. Without blowing my own horn, I very much doubt others would spend an average of 5 hours per vehicle de-waxing, clay blocking, prepping and applying the paint sealant, and thereafter finishing the trims, door jams, engine bay, wheel rims and windows.

Q. What is an authorised applicator or approved car yard distributor?

A. They would be officially trained by Infinity Auto, will issue an Infinity Warranty book or equivalent and would not hesitate to permit you to contact us.

Q. Are all applicators or users of the products authorised?

A. NO. We have both retail and trade products. The retail products are meant to be used for DIY and save you money, and still give you the benefits of protection against bird drop, acid rain and UV protection at a fraction of the price others are selling “Paint Protection” for.

In short, an authorised applicator will do more than protect the paint; he will perfect the paint first, seal it, and then present the car flawlessly. It’s all part of the professional service and what Infinity stands for, hence the strict selection of authorised applicators.

If this is not achieved, it would be pointless doing a professional service and making it look like a DIY application.

We do have detailers buying retail loose products and bouncing off our reputation, so just beware.

Q. What exactly happens at a professional application?

A. The vehicle is firstly inspected under bright lights.

All defects are noted and recorded under live feed / still camera.

The vehicle is de-waxed. (this softens and loosens dirt and wax build up making cleaning easier and minimising paint damage)only water based de-waxer is used. We do not use solvents on paintwork.

The vehicle is clay blocked. This will smoothen paint SURFACE.

1st step of prep is commenced. (ZERO) for premium application. This cleans paint PORES. (like using a face scrub) whilst the clay block smoothens the surface, glare zero deep cleans the pores, especially on the harder ceramic clears. Zero chemically heat transfers into paint removing all pollutants without the need for cutting compounds and chemical cleaners. Can be applied to a freshly painted car without scratching and cleans and removes dirt and pollutants from stained rubbers and plastic trims, including headlamp lenses which 99 % of modern cars come with, and stain after a month.

2nd step of prep is commenced (knock out) for premium application. Fills and smoothens scratches and imperfections. Only applied where required.

Works in conjunction with zero and can be applied to any paint surface.

3rd step of prep. Micro finish for both 5yr and Premium Protection. Final step before commencing the sealing. Locks in all prep work done.

This step also cleans and prepares the paint surface. Quick drying and no mess.

4th step. 1st coat of Paint Sealant. Applied and polished into paint one panel at a time.

5th step 2nd coat of Paint Sealant. Applied over entire car and allowed to cure before removing.(seal coat).

6th step. Seal exterior of windows, head and tail lamp lenses and wheel rims.

7th step. Clean and seal all exterior rubbers and unpainted plastics, including under bonnet, boot and door jams. (Glare TYRE magic).

8th step. Put windows down, clean rubbers and recess moulds(normally full of dirt and grime from shipping then standing in holding yard).

9th step. Wipe windows with damp rag, both inside and out.

10th step. Give complete vehicle a final wipe with Infinity finishing cloth.

11th step. Fill out warranty book and after care instructions.

12th step. Explain to customer in detail the contents of the warranty, after care box and how to use written instructions, highlighting all that concerns him/her.

Burn copy of DVD application if customer requires.

Q. What is the difference between 5 year protection and premium lifetime protection?

A. The 5 yr (GLARE Infinity Plus) once applied and is maintained with our aftercare kit will last 60 months. With regular washing at once a week, the remainder of the sealant is returned to the customer and will be enough to touch up a repainted panel in case of an accident, apply over surface scratches or top up at any time during the 5 year period, either by us or yourself, extended warranty if applied by us for a further 60 months from date of top up. This is not compulsory, but optional. It can be likened to a maintenance plan similar to your servicing requirements from your manufacturer. The yearly inspection is a visible inspection unless the after care was not maintained by the owner.

The premium paint protection (Advanced)is twice as thick and double the active ingredient and includes the 2 extra steps (ZERO and Knockout) which will repair imperfections whilst adding Glassplexin to the paint making the entire process thicker and more durable and more suited for darker coloured cars and the new ceramic clears which are dry, very orange peely and pretty hard to buff with leaving buff marks.

This is sold with a lifetime warranty and aftercare includes your Glassplexin Sahara Wash and Detail so no renewal or top up is required.

Q. Does applying more layers or top up add to the previous coats?

A. Yes, multiple layers can be added after the previous layer has cured. 7 days to fully cure before applying more is suitable, this helps with orange peel and imperfections increasing surface tension and reflection. Similar results can be achieved by continuous use of Sahara Wash and Detail.

Q. Will the paint be protected if we just applied the Glare Polish?

A. Yes, and it will outlast anything else out there. The polish when applied in a 2 step process will clean the paint and then seal in the second application. However, if the Micro pre cleaner is used, it will add the extra layer and do a more thorough prep job, making the sealant more durable.

You could compare this to washing your hair with shampoo and then conditioner(2 different processes) and then the bottle you buy that shampoos and conditions your hair in one step !!!

Q. Can we use other types of wash to wash the car?

A. Yes. However, the glare ultra wash contains Glassplexin that a, leaves a skin on the surface after it dries. The skin is activated by water, if it rains or you wet the car before washing, all loose dirt and dust is washed away, minimising the risk of scratching the surface. Once the car is rinsed, water is dispelled very easily because the surface is smooth.

As opposed to other washes that contain silicones and waxes, which will leave residue once the water evaporates and will leave a milky finish on the paint surface, losing your mirror finish. It will not affect your warranty against bird drop, acid rain and UV protection. However, the wax/silicone wash will attract dust that will act like sandpaper when washing, wearing down the paint protection prematurely.

This can be likened to your shower screen when regular soap is used as opposed to liquid soap. Less residue is accumulated when liquid soap or gel is used.

Q. Can we go to a car wash?

A. Yes, hand car wash is ok. If you get them to use the super soft wash kit we supply, all the better. Brush car wash is out as the brushes will ruin the paint protection and the paint eventually.

Q. Can we get a result as good as a professional application?

A. YES, absolutely. With a little bit of one on one advice from us at Infinity, and an explanation of what each process does, and assessing your needs, you can. All our authorised applicators and many others from around the world have ended up at our premises, and everyone eventually agrees that they are their own worst enemy, and are deep rooted in primitive ways. In many ways, I found it easier to explain to an inexperienced but attentive person who took more care and less time as opposed to the ‘experienced’ detailers who ruin things before fixing them because they thought they were right.

All cars shown on or websites are ones we have worked on and we only use a rotary buffer to repair defective or bad paint if absolutely necessary . I absolutely try everything to avoid cutting back paint . Most work is carried out by random orbital that will not harm or destroy the paint unless you throw the machine at the car. Final coats are done by hand on and off. Those who cannot operate the random orbital swear it does not work, like all bad workmen who blame their tools. ALL cars I have done, were done with a random orbital and a matching polish pad.

As I have once said on my website, quote...“opinions are like #$@les” = everyone has one. unquote…..

This is my personal opinion, after many years of experience and working closely with the manufacturer and chemist of the products. Pictures say a thousand words. Look beyond the shine you see clowns standing beside, masking rubbers and plastics, its old school. Move with the times,,, move with our 22nd century technology. When the paint is as reflective and clear as the glass, or if the paint is more reflective and has more clarity, then mission accomplished, we are ahead of the game.