Can I apply more than 2 coats of glare?

Yes, periodic applications will be like adding additional coats of clear deepening shine and luster

Does the wash help?

Yes, it is ph balanced and leaves a protective skin over the surface which is activated by water. When you next wash the car, all dirt and grime that has settled on the surface washes away ensuring no dust that scratches paintwork.

Can the product be used on glass?

Yes, it does not smear, if anything, it makes vision clearer, can be applied to eye glasses and shower doors as well.

Can I wash with detergents?

Yes and no. The benefits of protection against bird drop, UV etc is unconditional after application. Whilst glare will not wash away or break down with household detergents, the residue from such detergents and chemicals after drying, tarnish the deep rich gloss on the glare surface. This is more noticeable on darker coloured cars. If for any reason you have no option due to water restrictions currently prevailing, ensure you do a top coat periodically with the aftercare supplied to remove such residue and ensuring the rich color and texture.

What is acid rain?

This is normally found in densely populated urban areas or anywhere where there is a lot of pollution in the air. Generally, after a long dry period, the first rains bring down all the dirt, dust and grime, so much so, after the rain, the surface has got a lot of brown dirt left on it, long after the water has evaporated. The bonnet or engine compartment, if the engine is at the back, suffers the worst damage as the heat generated from this area caused the water to evaporate, lets the paint pores expand, and dries the residue hard into the surface. You will notice if the vehicle is not washed within the specified period of 24 hrs with the recommended wash, it will feel a bit grabby or not as smooth as the day before the rain. This proves that the barrier formed by the glare has worked. It has not allowed the grime to settle into the paint pores. This will ONLY happen after acid rain. General rain will not do this. After a normal rain, the vehicle is generally cleaner than before the rain. This also proves that the protective barrier left on the surface by the wash, which is activated by water has worked .

If applied to the windscreen, will it smear?

No. once applied and allowed to dry , it will not. After a period of time, depending on use of the wipers, you will notice the areas in the path of the wiper blades wearing down, this will need to be reapplied. Every time it rains, the product dispels water, reducing the need to use or wipe the screens. Try it, you will be amazed.

Why do I need a special chamoise the after care goods supplied are of the best quality and a re not expensive?

We use the best grade microfiber to reduce the chances of scratching the surface, which will reduce the risk of wearing down the product by abrasion. It does not matter how careful you are, every time you brush against the treated surface, wash the treated surface or dry the treated surface, it is abrasive. Using the wash reduces the friction, using good grade wash sponge/mit is a preventative measure. In the event of a scratch occurring, it is minimized, making it easier for the top coat to fill in the defect.

What is the best method of washing – always wash in cooler conditions, ie afternoon or early morning?

It is preferable to wash in enclosed or controlled area. This prevents dust settling on the car when wet. This will scratch as you dry the car. Always rinse of loose dirt and grime. Rinse wash/sponge /chamoise before use. Always wash from the top down, in small section, ensuring wash mit/sponge carries enough water/shampoo. Avoid using same sponge/mit for wheels and body of car. Rinse thoroughly. When drying, wipe dry in small sections staring on roof. Always rinse chamoise clean after each panel. Avoid using chamoise on semi dried areas, rewet to avoid surface scratches/spider webbing. Avoid using same chamoise for top and bottom sections of car.

Do not forget to dry inside door jams /boot/bonnet and sills of car after washing. Failure to do this will result in water trapped in these sections to drip onto car, dry of and cause water marks.

Do not forget to give the leather, inside of windows and door panels and wipe with wet chamoise ot microfiber cloth.

Rinse clean the chamoise/mit/sponge and store in original packaging/box for when need next. Do not wring chamoise dry, leave semi wet. In case of emergency/ bird drop, it can be used to remove residue without scratching.

REMEMBER, avoid car washing systems that use brushes. Also remember car washes use recycled water so a top up will give you back that new polish look. If you use a reputable hand car wash entity, insist on them using your aftercare and shampoo, especially if you drive a dark colored car.