No Stain – Dewaxing

(de waxer – general purpose cleaner/ stain remover/ wax-polish remover)

Light blue in colour.  Supplied in concentrate.  500ml can be diluted with 5 Litre of water and can be used for general car cleaning, removing stubborn stains from carpets and fabric and cleaning door jams, windows and wheel rims.

It is recommended to carry out work in enclosed area, away from direct sunlight.

For a dirty car, de-waxer can be used first as a cleaner.  Dilute with water as indicated above. Spray over entire car, allow to soak for 5-10 minute clean water and wipe down with wet micro fibre cloth (supplied in de-waxer pack).  Note, the supplied cloth is a finishing cloth that removes dirt and grime.

This step does not require heavy wiping, as it simply removes excessive dirt build up. Change water as necessary. Wipe vehicle clean and proceed to next step.

Clay Blocking

Once completed, spray entire vehicle with diluted de-waxer, allow to soak 1-2 min. Using clean water in spray bottle, wet one panel at a time followed by gently even movements with supplied clay block. Concentrate on all top panels first, before cleaning lower sections of vehicle. Generally, lower sections are dirtier and this contaminates the block. Wash the clay block occasionally with clean water and knead the block. (Roll it into a ball, then flatten to a square.) Rotate the working surface of the block when going from panel to panel. Do not drop the block on the floor as it will pick up contaminants and dirt which will scratch the paint. Also listen to the block as you are working. If it sounds scratchy, ensure there is no dirt on the block or large particles on the paint surface. Once completed, the blocking motion should feel and sound smooth.

When all blocking is completed on paintwork, follow same procedure on all exterior windows and lenses.

Wipe vehicle clean with water and micro fibre cloth. Use a blower to blow and dry vehicle thoroughly if necessary.

Once this step is finished, the same cloth can be used to wipe inside door jams and wheel rims. The cloth should be washed clean with the de-waxer and kept for use later.

Glare Zero

Glare ZeroGreen in colour.

The most advanced product to deep clean paint pores without the use of a high-speed buffer. A high-speed buffer creates a lot of heat on paint surface, allowing dirt trapped in paint pores to come to the surface. This is all well and good, but leaves 2 additional problems if not careful.

  1. Unsightly buff marks,
  2. Cuts into paint, and very often burns through paint on edges.

Using Glare Zero will achieve dramatic results without any risk. The product should be applied to a thoroughly dry car with the supplied applicator foam pad (yellow).  Make sure it is applied relatively wet, and not in direct sunlight. Apply to entire vehicle painted surface. Lightly wipe the yellow foam pad with product onto headlamp lenses and black and chrome window trim. Allow product to soak for 3-5 min and use supplied micro fibre cloth to wipe each panel evenly. If a machine is used to remove, follow instructions carefully on supplied application instruction sheet.

Once completed, move on to next step.

Glare Knockout

White in colour.

This is only used for severe paint defects and paint imperfection. Apply to affected areas with yellow foam applicator pad and buff thoroughly with yellow buff pad (machine application) or supplied micro fibre cloth (hand application) see detailed instruction on supplied application instruction sheet.

Glare Micro Finish/Precleaner

Glare Micro FinishPink in colour.

This is the intermediate step from preparing the vehicle to sealing the paint.

Apply this with supplied yellow foam applicator pad. For best results apply to an area that is no bigger than one square at a time. This will ensure the product does not dry before you can work it into the paint. If a buffer is used to complete this step, a larger area, weather permitting is acceptable. A good working temperature is 25 deg.  For machine application, use orange foam buff pad to remove. Work product in using gentle motions till product dissipates and wipe panel with supplied microfiber cloth to check results.

Once entire vehicle is completed, wait 10-15 min, check and wipe vehicle thoroughly before moving onto final sealing step.

Glare Infinity Plus/Glare Advanced Paint Sealant

Glare Infinity PlusInfinity Plus (creamy white in colour), Glare Advanced (blue in colour).

All Glare products contain glassplexin in different quantities. Glassplexin is the active ingredient (a sodium silicate) that literally turns to glass once it bonds to paint. The Glare ADVANCED is our latest addition to the Glare Range, twice the active ingredient and twice the thickness when compared ti Infinity Plus. This means that when a coat of Glare Advanced is applied, 2-3 coats of Infinity Plus will be needed to make the same thickness. This is not always possible, unless the vehicle is left to dry for 48 hours before another coat is applied, making the coat bond, with advanced, this is achieved I the same 2 coats applied.

The first coat applied exactly the same way the micro was applied, (use supplied yellow foam applicator pad) the vehicle wiped and checked. Allow to dry a good 20 min (at 25 deg) may require slightly longer drying if colder weather.  The orange foam pad can be used to remove this coat or the supplied microfiber cloth by hand. See supplied application instruction sheet for further clarification.

Apply the second and final coat over entire vehicle, allow to dry for 15-20 min, here again check weather, use supplied micro fibre cloth and wipe /buff to shine. The second coat is always removed by hand for best results.

Do not forget to polish windows, wheel rims and lenses.

Once all this is completed use a clean micro fibre FINISHING cloth to final wipe the car. This will remove all excess product.

Glare Tyre Magic

Tyre MagicClear liquid.

This is to be used on all unpainted exterior trim, rubber and plastics. The product does not contain silicone, will not smear, but will deep clean and seal pores and nourish plastic and rubber.

Apply to yellow foam pad supplied, wipe into require areas, allow to soak 2-3 min, wipe off excess with supplied micro fibre finishing cloth.

After completing rubber bits around windows, use micro fibre cloth to wipe excess product, then finally use the damp micro fibre cloth used for de-waxing to wipe windows clean, followed by dry micro fibre finishing cloth used to final wipe car for best results.

Glare Infinity Ultra Wash

Glare Ultra WashSupplied in after care kit with wash sponge and chamois.

The ultra wash is concentrated, 2-3 capfuls to 20ltr water.

For best results, wet car first. Drop clean wash sponge into bucket. Drop 2-3 capfuls wash concentrate onto sponge. Fill with 15-20 litres warm or cold water.

Wash car one panel at a time, filling more water in bucket as needed. Allows wash from top down in gentle even movements. Excessive pressure is not required, as the wash softens dirt build up and is removed with wash sponge.

Once completed, rinse vehicle thoroughly with clean water and dry with chamois.

When dried, the ultra wash leaves a fine film on the paint surface that actually protects the paint protection. This skin is activated by water, hence the car looking cleaner after it rains or hosed again prior to next wash. This eliminates fine grime build up that causes wash scratches.

Glare Sahara Wash and Detail

Sahara Waterless WashMilky white in colour.

This is an excellent product for maintaining the vehicle finish in adverse conditions or used as a detailer/ top up.

When used as a waterless wash, spray onto painted surface to remove dirt grime, tar or contaminants. Use microfiber cloth to remove and buff to shine.

Please note, excess product tends to sit in little crevices and difficult to remove.

I supply a yellow foam applicator pad and cloth with every kit.

I recommend the product be squirted heavily onto yellow foam pad then removed with microfiber cloth. This should be done to a fairly clean vehicle as we are using the product and not a wash.

If the vehicle is dirty, some water and a clean microfiber finishing cloth as performed in the dewaxing step should be performed, followed by the SAHARA as a detailer to excellent results.

Glare Vinyl and Leather

Glare Vinyl and Leather ProtectantCreamy white in colour.

Used to clean, soften and seal vinyl and leather.

If surface to be treated is dirty, use clean microfiber finishing cloth with warm soapy water first. Allow to dry thoroughly and apply GLARE VINYL AND LEATHER to supplied yellow foam applicator pad. Allow to soak for 2-3 min at 25 deg, then wipe excess with supplied microfiber finishing cloth.

Do not apply to painted surfaces as the product softens leather. Check vehicle interior carefully as most European cars have painted panels that look like vinyl surfaces.

For any further info. Call supplier or contact us.