Instructions for clay blocking kit

Clay bar kit the first step to that deep shine.

This kit is designed to get the dirt out of the pores of your cars paint. Using the professional clay bar and the Infinity De Waxer you can pull all the contaminates out of your paint job and prepare it for the removal of scratches and oxidisation using the paint rectification kit.

Your car care pack contains

  • Professional clay bar
  • Infinity de-waxing spray
  • Microfibre cloth

Step 1 – De-Wax

Use the Infinity De-Waxer to remove the grime and surface wax. Simply spray the vehicle until wet and use the supplied micro fibre cloth to dry the surfaces, make sure that you have completely removed all the product and the car is clean.

Do not let the De-waxer dry on the paint and if the vehicle is cover in thick dirt hose off before applying the De-waxer.

Step 2 – Clay Bar

Once the vehicle is dry add some water to the remaining De-waxer spray bottle and shake well. Spray the De-waxer on a section of the vehicle at a time and take the supplied clay bay and kneed it whilst wetting it at the same time. Take the clay bar and start working it against the paint in small sections, keep the paint lubricated with the De-waxer and use a side-to-side motion with light pressure.

You will feel the clay bar grabbing the contaminates in the paint, kneed and turn the clay bar regularly as it picks up contaminates.

Do the same area again for a 2nd application to ensure all the contaminates are out of the paintwork, remember if you don’t get it all out all you will do is seal the contaminates in later. When the Clay bar stops grabbing on the paint you know it’s clean.

It is only necessary to do the bonnet, roof, boot and tops of the doors as this is where the tree sap and acid rain really get into. You can do the complete car if you please.

Ensure you do not drop the clay bar, if you do, clean and kneed well before starting again.

Step 3 – Clean and Dry

Once you have all the top facing surfaces finished using the clay block its time to use the remaining De-waxer and microfibre cloth to clean and dry all the surface before the next step – GLARE ZERO.