Glare Rapid Pack


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500ml Glare Rapid & Large Microfiber Polish cloth.

For that immediate show room shine. Works best on cars already treated with Glare Paint sealant.

Rapid Action is a very versatile product in this convenient trigger pack. Rapid Action can be used to remove stains in an emergency situation (bird droppings, tar or many other contaminants) whilst your vehicle is on the road and away from a wash.

It can also be used to add a light coat to the already treated paintwork of your car for added strength and shine if/as required. Used on wheels this product will act as barrier to road grime and make removal of brake dust easy. Use also on windows for a protective coating and non stick surface for all dirt and grime. Polish an untreated car by hand in 15 mins for a shine that lasts 6 months or more.